Session Name: "Symphony of Life"

November 26-30, 1961

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Ada Blanchard
Worthy Grand Matron
W. Earl Goode
Worthy Grand Patron
Gene Jacobus
Associate Grand Matron
Grady Harris
Associate Grand Patron
Ethel Johnston
Grand Secretary
Bessie Lee Mikles
Grand Treasurer
Henry Mikles
Grand Escort
Grace Weilmunester
Grand Conductress
Zola Munson Murphy
Associate Grand Conductress
Maude Butts
Grand Chaplain
Willa True
Grand Lecturer
J. Madge Ford (WGM 77)
Grand Marshal
Macy Whitson
Grand Organist
Frances MacSwain
Grand Adah
Ruth Harper
Grand Ruth
Dema Smith
Grand Esther
Wilda Dilts
Grand Martha
Katherine Ray
Grand Electa
Minnie Adkins
Grand Warder