The Pearls and Precious Gems

Session Name: The Forget-Me-Not

Loucile Lawter
Worthy Grand Matron
Emery Toliver
Worthy Grand Patron
Lea Courtney
Assoc. Grand Matron
Leo E. Nelson
Assoc. Grand Patron
Margaret Lester
Grand Secretary
Bessie Lee Mikles
Grand Treasurer
Mary McCain
Grand Conductress
Betty Fisher
Assoc. Grand Conductress
Louis Cornelison
Grand Chaplain
Alice Brewer
Grand Lecturer
Nova Schutkesting
Grand Marshal
Geraldine Van Atta
Grand Organist
Rosa Lew Myers
Grand Adah
Esther McInnis
Grand Ruth
Maxine Johnson
Grand Esther
Betty Davis
Grand Martha
Maxine Polston
Grand Electa
Cleo Davis
Grand Warder
Roy D. Shonk
Grand Sentinel

Grand Chapter Mom

Grand Chapter Pop

Grand Chapter Sweetheart