The Shamrocks & The Favored Ones

Session Name: Fans of Love

Bess Murphy
Worthy Grand Matron
Pat Murphy
Grand Escort
Bob C. Graham
Worthy Grand Patron
Charlotte Graham
Grand Escort
Veda Belle Nowlin
Assoc. Grand Matron

Louis E. Duggan
Assoc. Grand Patron
Bessie Duggan
Grand Escort
Margaret Lester
Grand Secretary

Peggy Niehofff
Grand Treasurer
George Niehoff
Grand Escort
Billie Hanna
Grand Conductress
Don Hanna
Grand Escort
Jean Estep
Assoc. Grand Conductress
John Estep
Grand Escort
Sarah J. Keiser
Grand Chaplain
Don Keiser
Grand Escort
Pat Hill
Grand Lecturer
Ed Hill
Grand Escort
Virginia Horsman
Grand Marshal

Margaret Schmidt
Grand Organist

Charlyn Buchana
Grand Adah
John Buchanan
Grand Escort
Patty Toohey
Grand Ruth
Bill Toohey
Grand Escort
Harriet Kemp
Grand Esther
Gary Kemp
Grand Escort
Helen Vaughan
Grand Martha
Warren Vaughan
Grand Escort
Georgia O. Coussens
Grand Electa

Carol Worth
Grand Warder

Gene Griffith
Grand Sentinel
Charlsie Griffith
Grand Escort