The Lamplighters and Flames

Grand Officers 1976

Session Name: Lights of Ages
October 18-21, 1976 Guthrie, Oklahoma

Lola Lane
Worthy Grand Matron
Emory Lane
Grand Escort
Harley Kirkland
Worthy Grand Patron
Ellen Kirkland
Grand Escort
J. Madge Ford
Associate Grand Matron
Vernon Ford
Grand Escort
S. Howard Hope
Associate Grand Patron
Edna Ruth Hope
Grand Escort
Nona Belle Johnson
Grand Secretary
Bessie Lee Mikles
Grand Treasurer
Henry Mikles
Grand Escort
Maxine Ginn
Grand Conductress
James Ginn
Grand Escort
Wilma Clark
Associate Grand Conductress
Charles Clark
Grand Escort
Rita Hargues
Grand Chaplain
Jack Hargues
Grand Escort
Mary McCain (WGM 82)
Grand Lecturer
Charles McCain
Grand Escort
Shirley Hudson
Grand Marshal
Floyd Hudson
Grand Escort
Doretha McIntire
Grand Organist
Ernest McIntire
Grand Escort
Jerry Nelson
Grand Adah
Leo Nelson (WGP 81)
Grand Escort
Barbara Benton (WGM 84 MWGM 06-09)
Grand Ruth
Thomas H Benton (WGP 2001)
Grand Escort
JoAnn James
Grand Esther
Collins James
Grand Escort
Myrle Brown
Grand Martha
Kenneth Brown
Grand Escort
Blanche Hill
Grand Electa
Amos Hill
Grand Escort
Alice Birdsong
Grand Warder
Wayne Birdsong
Grand Escort
John McInnis
Grand Sentinel
Esther McInnis
Grand Escort
Oklahoma Eastern Star