The Sunrays

Grand Officers 1979

Session Name: Harvest of Gold

Wilma Clark
Worthy Grand Matron
Charles Clark, PGP
Grand Escort
Harvey Simpson
Worthy Grand Patron
Mary Louise Simpson
Grand Escort
Loucile Lawter - Acting Assoc. Grand Matron
Margaret Johnson-Assoc. Grand Matron
Hampton Lawter-Grand Escort
Bud Johnson-Grand Escort
Emery Hank Toliver
Assoc. Grand Patron
Maxine Toliver
Grand Escort
Margaret Lester
Grand Secretary

Bessie Lee Mikles
Grand Treasurer
Henry Mikles
Grand Escort
Lea Courtney
Grand Conductress
Earl Courtney
Grand Escort
Pro Tem by PGMs
Assoc. Grand Conductress

Valera Currin
Grand Chaplain

Pansy Smith
Grand Lecturer

Peggy Niehoff,Grand Treasurer Emeritus
Grand Marshal
George Niehoff
Grand Escort
Eddie Dixson
Grand Organist

Pat Beck
Grand Adah
Buford Beck
Grand Escort
Ethel Gordon
Grand Ruth
Jim Gordon
Grand Escort
Jymmie Stanton
Grand Esther
Kim Stanton
Grand Escort
Marie Blair
Grand Martha
Joe Blair, PGP
Grand Escort
Wynoma Short
Grand Electa
George Short
Grand Escort
Oleta Miller
Grand Warder
Leroy Miller
Grand Escort
Leo Nelson
Grand Sentinel
Jerry Nelson
Grand Escort
Oklahoma Eastern Star