The Sugar Babes and Sugar Bears

Grand Officers 2000

Session name: A Gathering of Angels

Jean Hall
Worthy Grand Matron
Bill Hall
Grand Escort
William F. Wise
Worthy Grand Patron
Theda Wise
Grand Escort
Inez Russell
Assoc. Grand Matron
George Russell
Grand Escort
Thomas Benton
Assoc. Grand Patron
Barbara Benton, RWAGC
Grand Escort
Margie Onkst
Grand Secretary
Jim Onkst, PG Master
Grand Escort
Mary Hunnicutt
Grand Treasurer

Grand Escort
Jan Hanna
Grand Conductress
Bob Hanna
Grand Escort
Linda Jordan
Assoc. Grand Conductress
Darrell Jordan
Grand Escort
Delores Muse
Grand Chaplain
James McElory
Grand Escort
Ginger Anderson
Grand Lecturer
Roger Anderson
Grand Escort
Doris Bell
Grand Marshal
Glen Bell
Grand Escort
Nancy Jo Miller
Grand Organist
Charlie Babb (WGP 2004)
Grand Escort
Pat Mullinex
Grand Adah
Eric Mullinex
Grand Escort
Diana Davis
Grand Ruth
Walter Davis
Grand Escort
Betty Byrd
Grand Esther
Frank Byrd
Grand Escort
Della Updike
Grand Martha
Kenneth Updike
Grand Escort
Kay Lou Peterson
Grand Electa
Keith Peterson
Grand Escort
Doris Beasley
Grand Warder
James Beasley
Grand Escort
Owen Major
Grand Sentinel
Louann Major
Grand Escort
Bonnie Dunn
Grand Chapter Mom
Ernie Dunn
Grand Chapter Pop
Oklahoma Eastern Star